Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Future in the Potter's hands

I heard a quote recently,
"The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating.” (John Scharr, whoever that is)

And with all the decision making in the air right now, this quote caught me off guard. I liked it. And then I was nervous that I liked it because I often like things that are less than godly. So I took a moment and examined it. How does it fit into the story of the Lord, the One who laughs at man trying to plan out his own life, for only He can direct man's steps. That's when the image came into my head: Me, at a potter's wheel, creating my future, slowly and carefully molding the clay into what I desire. So much control, so much pressure to create something worthy.

But I am not the one directing my hands over the smooth wet clay. The Lord's arms are reached around me, His hands lie over mine, strong and confident, and my hands relax under the strength of His. I had felt the weight of my decisions, the pressure of producing something beautiful. But now the Master Potter is here, His hands guiding mine. It is still my hands that are molding the clay, this is still my life, and I am making decisions. But really, His strong hands are over mine and He is wielding full control over this creation before us. In any case, it was an encouraging way to begin the day.

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