Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween fun (I mean, Reformation Day fun!)

Last night was Halloween, you gotta love it. Lexie from school and Lizzy from church threw a party at their house. Basically a bunch of people from wts, New Life Glenside, and other random places having WAY too much fun!
I was Reformation Princess Superhero. :) Of course.
Chris, my peruvian friend and me... he was trying to steal my TULIP!

Miss Heather and me

the "greek" boys.. gotta love them!

Me and Mr. Bobby Rhodes

Michael stole my tulip!

The Blades and me

And finally- what do Peter Pan, a penguin, and the Reformed Princess Superhero have in common? THEY LOVE TO PAR-TAY!

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm....all these guys "stealin your tulip'...and I thought you were a good little reformed girl. ;-)