Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentines lamentations

This post actually isn't lamenting anything. I just feel the need to respond to the few comments I got from my lack of valentines day posting. I spent this vday quite happy. In fact, feb. 14th was just like feb. 13th and feb. 15th. The joy of singlehoood extended even through the traditionally horrible day. And I found myself easily content to appreciate the day from afar.
I was resolved NOT to react to vday. No "single's awareness day", no girl's night out. I didn't need to pretend to be okay with my singleness, because I actually was. My attitude toward the day was that it was a day for lovers. So if you weren't in that category, it wasn't a holiday for you. No need to be all upset about it, it just wasn't for me. I'm not Chinese, I don't celebrate the Chinese New Year. Someday, if I marry a Chinese man, I probably will celebrate it. But for now, there is no reason to. Same with Valentines day. No point in me celebrating it. Not necessary.
I was really blessed with peace on this issue. Two of my girlfriends asked if I would be their valentine. That means nothing. We single girls get a friend to be our "valentine" so we can say that we have one. Not because it means anything more than that. Ridiculous. I refuse to let our culture (and Hallmark) tell me that I am any less off because I don't have someone to call my Valentine.
So no one was my valentine (except my dad who got an ecard from me- he'll ALWAYS be my valentine!). And it's okay. Girls, don't let this world tell you that you need to be upset about being single on valentines day. Please, remember that the day is NO different than any other and that if we have joy on the 13th, that joy is the same for the 14th. Find your identity in Him. Not in being a wife or mother, or any other role we may play in this life. HE is the giver of all life and only through Him can we experience life. Stop waiting for the guy to come into your life! Enjoy this moment you have with God. Truly enjoy it. For a moment take the husband question out of the equation, and just enjoy this time with your Lord and Savior.

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