Monday, February 11, 2008

It's frEEzing!

According to, it is currently 16 F and feels like 0 F!!!
And it gets better, tomorrow there is a "high" of 26F.
Man, oh man, what did I get myself into???


Rach said...

you changed your blog...i didn't recognize it! Te quiero tanto y te extrano mucho. siiiiigh....Deseo que estes aqui conmigo...he sentido un poco triste y no cerca de Dios y necesito mi amorcita (tu) a recordarme sobre mi FE. Estoy celosa que siempre pareces muy cerca de Dios y tu Fe es muy Fuerte. Pues, al menos estoy tratando...TE QUIERO!!!!

beckalippy said...

ah mi amorcita! Lo siento que no hemos hablado mas. Estoy orando por ti. Te quiero muchisimo y siempre quiero que estes feliz. :) y que estes cercita a Dios. Manda mis saludos a tu esposo guapo.

ali said...

Looky here!!! I totally just hopped on to give Becka a pre-Valentines Day blog warning, which is, no Sappy Valentines Day posts Becka! It's the most commercial of holidays and I spit on it!! So none of your 'I'd like to share special mundane moments like brushing my teeth in the morning and then sharing the Sunday Times' - NONE OF THAT!!

And yet I stumble across this blurb from gatita!! OK, since maybe spanish is more girl code, I'll give it a whirl -

No te preocupes gatita - no se que es lo problema para ti (todavia necesitamos hablar por telefono) pero, yo se que Dios esta contigo siempre!!! Como yo se, me preguntas??? Pues, no se como yo se - pero (well my spanish really can't keep up with my train of thought at this point) - but I'll just say I can't prove anything - we are souls and minds and some other scientific stuff - well.. where am i going with this - push the bad thoughts out of your mind - and just feel your soul - maybe ??

OK, I suck - BUT por lo menos, a perrita loves you!! and if Dios wasn't with you, do you think you'd have these little folks around the globe loving you - like me!?!

I don't do drugs, I swear - BUT - I did bring a Lindt truffle into the shower with me and ate it between shampooing and conditioning.. with herbal essence.. just for that endorphine rush - (hey, I do what i can)

In other news, I just sent you both invitations to the Manuel Montt 250 facebook group (I didn't start it, I swear) - but I gotta find the pic I have of Mariano ironing in his tighty whiteys and post it

Yeah. SO - Sorry I just totally used your blog as a platform to cheer up our hippie friend, becks - I swear my intention was to thwart you before you wrote a sappy valentines day blog - OK, I was secretly hoping you had already written one so I could tear it apart - I'm a sweet one - ey :/ but I know ya love me :)

So, Rachel has a loving spouse, so I don't wanna throw this quote at her, but for me and you, B, just remember - 'friends are forever and boys are whatever' - word to your mother..

love you both!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo



swear I don't do drugs

MWAH MWAH - I'm like not even so happy right now, except that I got excited to see you kids' blurbs!! (even though they are kinda sad) - but I wanna cheer you up - Hashem loves you both and so do I!!

ali said...

BTW - look at the size of that thing - I don't know where it came from.. do you kids have blog blurb envy??

beckalippy said...

Ali you crack me up! Me encanta tu espanglish. Es "cool". No voy escribir u blog por Valentine's day porque Dios me ha cambiado de corazon. En serio! Lee mis blogs mas antiguos y vas ver que ahora estoy muy contenta ser solita. Es raro, lo se. Pero en los primeros dias de enero, Dios me ha hecho algo muy distincto en mi corazon. Y ahora, se que algun dia me gusta casarme, pero por ahora, "no way", estoy felicita ser sola. :) Pero, chiquita, quiero un "update" de ti. Entonces, mandamelo! :) te quiero alicita.

Justin said...

WHere are you living, Becka?

Rachel said...

Oh man, never fail to crack me up. I miss you SCRAAAAAAATCH!!!!!