Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Complicated

I get the question all the time: what do you do here? I get it. I must be either a missionary here or an English teacher. Those are the only two boxes to place someone like me into. Sadly, my answer is much more complicated.
No, I am not a missionary here. At least I don't think of myself as one. I don't have a sending church, nor am I supported financially by people overseas. I didn't come with a contract from an agency. Not even with a mission really. Except I do have a mission. But I think every christian has a mission, right?
And no, I'm not an English teacher. I have taught English on and off for the last 8 years. But, except for one private class, I gave that all up for my current jobs.
So the answer? I have three contracts.
One is working half time for Fundacion Generacion, a church planting foundation.
Another is working two days a week on the pastoral staff at Iglesia Santiago Apostol (ISA), a church plant in downtown Santiago.
And the third is as the national coordinator for an apprenticeship program for the Chilean Anglican Church.

See? it wasn't so hard to explain. Right?

My three bosses. the "trinity"
Cristobal, Juan Esteban, and Francisco
So as I mentioned, I am working as the executive assistant for Fundacion Generacion. It's a dream job in many ways. I get to organize conferences. I get to deal with a wide database of pastors and church planters all over Chile. I get to promote church planting, a mission a deeply believe in. I get to add my own (sometimes but not always wanted) input on various projects around the country. It's a fun combination of my gifts, passions, and hopes, all mixed together in a context that is full of challenges. I think the job would be challenging for anyone, but add in the fact that I am not actually chilena (shhhh.. it's a secret!) and you've got an extra layer of difficulty.
It is interesting to see how God is teaching me, training me, and challenging me through these jobs. I've realized that I am not as calm, cool, and collected as I would like to think. I realized that I am a perfectionist. And I realized that sometimes, against my will, my emotions are stronger than my logic. All lessons well learned and who knows what God has up His sleeve for me and this crazy adventure He has me on.

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