Sunday, August 18, 2013

Iglesia Santiago Apostol (assorted photos)

One more blog post before I head to bed.

As I just wrote in the previous post, I am working with a church plant here in Santiago. If you have been following the blog for a while (or you just know me!) you know that I love my church. I had no idea when I showed up in Chile over two and a half years ago that I would be a part of this beautiful and messy community of christians. It has been a huge blessing to serve on the pastoral team for the last year and a half. This year in particular has been one of learning dependence on God. Last year our pastoral team had 6 people. And then, in one big hit, we lost 4 of them! Not that anything scandalous happened, but that for good and healthy reasons, they all went back to their home churches (or countries!). Even Max, who is a long termer in ISA had to leave for a year to serve in another church as part of his seminary training. So in the end, Cristobal, the head pastor and church planter, and I were left looking at each other and me nervously giggling. What in the world were we going to do? God provided another seminary student, Camilo, to help with the crazy task. But it was still too big for us to do alone. It's a good thing that God enjoys getting glory for His work. And it's a good thing that God is big enough and powerful enough to do all things. It's just too bad that I have a memory problem and tend to forget all that!

Anyways, here you go. Some pictures of ISA in action. 

The men of ISA setting up for Sunday morning service

Cristobal giving announcements during Sunday morning service

Our worship team rehearsing before service

Joe, the random gringo who plays piano for the church

My dear Ale, Cristobal's wife. She has become nothing less than my family here. Beyond grateful!

Amanda and Jacinta (Cristobal and Ale's daughters)

Hosting a debate about education
(if you haven't noticed, we tend to have crazy protests in the streets for the educational system here)

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