Monday, April 04, 2011

Detox- day 3

It's still going well. I think adding the option for a hard boiled egg a day and some almonds made the whole thing much more doable. I still find myself hungry often, but I have also found that most of my issue is psychological. I want other food, but I'm actually fine. I eat my cabbage soup at least twice a day and I'm trying to limit the fruit I have each day to only 2 or 3. Today in class was a challenge. Not only was I hungry, but all of my students decided that they wanted to talk about food. I always ask my students how their weekends were. I ask them about what they did, etc. Well, today, as they shared about their weekends, they described the food the ate. Seriously, they all wanted to talk about the food they ate. In all 5 of my classes, this was the topic of the day. And I found myself craving BB when they talked about BBQ, wanting sushi when they shared about their favorite sushi spot in town, and just in general, wanting food! Oh well. I might have to take more control over the conversation next time.


kimmen said...

sounds like it's going well!

you might like to add edamame to the daily plan -- totally healthy and very easy (assuming you can get it in santiago, which is a big if). i buy it from trader joe's by the bag (pre-cooked in the pod) and just microwave a bowl up when i get hungry in the middle of the day. then i add lots of salt, of course!

beckalippy said...

Thanks for the tip mom. I tried to find some last week as I was planning for this but I couldnt. THere are plenty of peas and beans here but not so much soy or edamame. If only I were back in Korea... just joking!

Anonymous said...

Hey you, hope you can find soy. Please pray that my dad will come to the Christ in the passover celebration led by Devid Bricker Wed April 6. It's not looking too good since my dad said he isn't sure he wants to go to hear a "convert's sermon" but God is bigger than that and can still move his heart. When can I visit!