Monday, August 09, 2010

Getting personal with Luther

Sorry for the lack of posting. I am in the heart of intensives which is like the being in a deep dark pit of screaming children and crazy curriculums. Mondays and Fridays I end up at work for about 12 hours and Tuesday to Thursdays round out to a "normal" 8 or 9 hours each. Basically, Im pretty exhausted most of the time. But in the madness of the time, I get to realize some things about myself. One of the best realizations has been in the relm of theological nerdiness. I don't want to go into details, but I have come to the conclusion that I might have some personal issues with Luther. Yes, the issues may have begun in dry academic theology, but I being too much of a girl have to go and take it personally. The feelings are similar to those I might feel toward a girl in my social group who slighted me. Only, this is a guy from hundreds of years ago, and the slighting was all theology.
Luther went to great places theological places, and he led the way in some wonderful theological insights. But there is stuff that Luther said and did that bother me. The most ridiculous thing of it all is not the stuff that I don't like about Luther, but that I, being a complete and total nerd, actually care enough to be truly bothered by it all. My issues with the guy came to a head today when I was reading through his introduction to Galatians. My small group is going to be discussing it this week and I was getting some prep work done for leading the discussion. As I was reading, I felt resentment building in my chest. Don't get me wrong, the things he wrote in this introduction are good. But I have this hidden resentment, from knowing too much about the various controversies that went on around him. And that leaves me here, stuck somewhere between the high academics of historical theology at Westminster Seminary, and my natural tendency toward teenage emotionalism.
Sorry for the boring post. I'll try to be more consistent in posting, and I'll try to be just a tad less of a dork in life in general.

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