Monday, February 22, 2010

Here is Mary with her puppy as we sat at a coffee shop in Gangnam. All the Koreans LOVED her dog and would all smile (not a common thing for them to do) and point and giggle at it. It was really cute.
So I started going to a church called Covenant Church here in Seoul. It's believe it or not a reformed church here in Korea. I really like it. It's really made a difference in my life. One of my new friends, Mary, and I have been in a on and off constant conversation. It's really nice nd refreshing. I've been keeping people out for the last 9 months and I feel like God is moving slowly but surely through this fear-laden, selfish heart of mine. It is nice to know that He is also providing a means to move forward.

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kimmen said...

Are people dancing in the streets in Seoul since Kim Yu-Na won the gold in figure skating?