Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"I like Beckateacher"

So I am back from a little break from the blogging world. I wasn't doing anything too special, just being sick and working. But now Im back (at least for today) to share with you once again some of my students' lovely writing. One of my lowest level classes had to write an in class journal about their favorite person. Two of the girls wrote about me (of course!) and I thought I would share them with you.

My favorite person (by Sarah)
I like Becka teacher. Becka teacher is pretty. Becka teacher is riBte (rabbit). Becka teacher Iove (I love) you. Becka teacher yott your fiev fiDe ma fiev. (that part I have NO idea what it means, any suggestions?)

Note: I was eating a carrot earlier in the day so the kids were calling me rabbit teacher.
The first one is funny only because she copied the first few sentences off of the second girl, but then she goes into... well writing in her own special language. But the next one is actually really good for the level of the class.

My favorite person (by Yoojin)
I like Becka teacher. Becka teacher is nice. Becka teacher is pretty. Becka teacher is rebitet (rabbit) teacher. I like Becka teacher and Sally teacher and Heather teacher. Becka teacher like careete (carrots) and rebete teacher (that's why she is a rabbit teacher). I like Becka teacher. I like Sally teacher. I like Heather teacher. I like oil (all) teacher.

Anyways, I hope that makes you smile as much as it makes me smile. Have a good day!


kimmen said...

finally another posting!

i have no idea what your student was writing there...

aviva said...

maybe becka teacher is my friend and your friend?

Carleigh said...

becka i love these little letters. can they do this every day? so cute!