Monday, March 23, 2009

Adam's mini poodle

This post is dedicated to Sam Perez who made the joke about New Yorkers asking to get their dogs baptized.

This morning in staff devotions, we got on the topic of lonliness. It seems that a lot of people, especially singles, here in New York are struggling with lonliness and we were discussing the reasons behind it (the lack of family structures, the uncertainty of the times, etc.). And then someone brought up Genesis 2 where God says that it isn't good for man to be alone. Then God does an odd thing, He makes all these animals and has Adam go through them all and name them. You gotta imagine what a huge task this must have been. And at the end of it we read, "but for Adam there was not found a helper suitable for him" So Adam is still alone. Even with all these animals, he is still alone, still lonely. The only suitable companion for Adam was one of his own, Eve.

Now flash forward a few (give or take) thousands of years to 2009, Manhattan. It is still not good for people to be alone. People still feel alone, still feel lonely. And what do they do, instead of looking for one of their own, they get dogs! New Yorkers are all about their dogs. And really, it makes sense. You see, other people are messy and not just in their living habits, but relationships are messy! You have to deal with your own crap and their crap and then the crap you make together. It is time consuming, heart wrenching, and emotionally draining. And really, are relationships a mess worth making? (see this book as a great response!)

So people get dogs. Dogs are known for their faithfulness. They love you just for coming home, nothing more is expected of you. You feed them, take them on a walk, show them a little affection. They never bring up their past girlfriends, or argue about who is going to make dinner. They are EASY. But before you go out and get one of these lovable pets, just remember, God made Eve to be Adam's companion, his helpmate. Not the mini poodle.

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