Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time for some more "heart"

Time to get personal again. Here is my heart, on a platter, with small garnishes around it...
This is something I wrote in my journal yesterday as I sat watching small boats float down the canal...
( I am not a poet, so please don't judge this as poetry, but it is something I wanted to share on this blog which has been a chronicler of my heart's whims)

For love is not meant to be lived by one, but two
Who together find each other as one
These two wholes become halves
and leave the other wanting
But alas, one cannot live love alone.
There is no half, nor whole, but none

This truth, though seemingly dark,
has shed some light on my situation
I am not half for there is no other
to make me miss that other part
I have not lived love, not yet anyways.
So I am left with this dark truth that brings forth light.
I have not lived love,
but I have looked upon it.

I have looked upon love
It beckoned me to enter
But the key to its joy requires two hearts
And my heart stood alone
What sorrow has God served me
beckoning, challenging, begging,
Love would not leave me
but stuck its claws in my tender soul
I looked upon love
and implored him to let me go
Let me return to my peace
But my pleas were returned with silence
No hope given
How long will love hold me in his strong grasp?
Please oh Please, my rosy captor
Let me go
The joyful days of old are calling me back
I must leave you for you can offer nothing
but death for the single heart
Someday I may return with another
I may find that other heart
The two of us will create a key
To enter your bliss
Until then, I bid you adieu, farewell, adieu

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