Wednesday, June 18, 2008

more and more sadness

I have heard that some more sadness is going on with my beloved school. I read some emails with some distressing news yesterday and found myself wiping away the tears that had silently fallen. There is nothing I can say here (some students evidently are getting in trouble for what they write on their blogs and I don't want to risk anything). but I will say this: the division this is causing is too much for my heart to bear. It pains me beyond words to see Christian brothers in such a situation. I love Westminster, the history of it, the people there, the culture of learning and believing that I have experienced there. but this situation is tearing all of those beloved qualities apart. No longer is Westminster a place of joy and learning for me, but of sadness. Please pray for my school, for the students, for the faculty, for the administration, and for the board. May we be charitable to each other and true to the Gospel that has saved us.

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