Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today is a big day.

Today is the day that I will be handed the keys to my new apartment!

Actually, its an old apartment. A beautiful old apartment. High ceilings, hard word floors, and french doors that lead out onto the quiet street. And best of all, its a full 2 minute walk to my favorite street in Santiago, Lastarria.

When I first came to Chile, almost 8 years, I had no idea that I would fall in love with this country. I had no idea that I would someday call this country "home".

But then I did.

And those four years that I was out of Chile, heartbroken and homesick, made my return to Chile all the sweeter. None of my family doubted that I was returning to Chile for the long run. Not only did they understand, but they were happy for me.
Funny enough, people here didn't understand that. When you are a foreigner here, people always ask the same questions. Where are you from? what are you doing here? and How long are you staying?

I told people time and time again that I would God-willing be staying for the rest of my life. And they were all so impressed. But it just seems obvious to me.

But when I bought this apartment, people had funny reactions. They all were surprised. They made comments like, "So, you're really staying?" or "Wow, so this means you're going to be here longterm."

 So here you go Chile! I'm officially a homeowner here! I am the proud owner of a little piece of my beloved country.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on owning your new digs! Maybe God-willing I will see it someday!

Ashlee Spear said...

Ah! I love the black and white checked bathroom floor. Can't wait to visit you someday, with A-Bear:)