Thursday, August 20, 2009

Too much to handle

Today was quite a day, and now I am paying for it with a stomach ache. I started feeling nauseous about an hour ago, and when I thought back on my day, to what could possibly have made me sick, I realized that I totally beat up my body today. I started out the day at 5:30am at Peet's coffee house. I had my first 12 ounces of wonderful brew. At 8am, I dropped my dad off at the office and took his car on a little roadtrip. After a quick stop to see my mom and Nigel, I drove up to Davis where I met up with Victoria, an old family friend. It was then that I had my next 16 ounces of coffee. This time iced. After a lovely time catching up, I drove into downtown Davis to meet my brother. We had sushi. Now, those who know me, know that this is a moment in and of itself. I have never been one to eat fish, much less raw fish. But recently, I have ventured into the land of seafood. So Jeremy and I got sushi. We shared some California rolls, some philly rolls and some sashimi (yellowtail and salmon).
After all that, I walked Jeremy to his office and on the walk back I realized that I might be getting dehydrated. So when I stopped to fill up the gas tank, I filled myself up on a water bottle. All that was left to do was drive the hour plus to get back to my dad's office. The problem was that for whatever reason, driving today was really intense to me. Ususally I love driving. I love long car trips where I can turn up the radio and roll down the windows. But today was no such pleasure. For whatever reason, I felt really tense driving.
So when I finally arrived at my dad's office an hour and change later, I breathed a sigh of relief. So am I surprised that all the caffeine and raw fish, mixed with high temperatures and intense driving conditions, left me sick to my stomach? Not at all.


Danielle said...

I do the same thing. I never drank coffee on a regular basis until this job. I started with one cup a day at first, now I'll find myself filling up two or three times before lunch. Then about 4:45 I realize it's 110 degrees, I'm about to go do a two hour workout, and I haven't had any water that day. Not good. I feel you. We will probably consume a lot of coffee and junk food on Labor Day weekend, hopefully you won't get sick :)

beckalippy said...

oh man, we may, just may have to find a dunkin donuts, just for old times sake... that way we can get both coffee and junk in one stop! and of course, good memories!