Monday, October 10, 2011

How big is your Jesus?

When people ask me what I do here, I am always a little dumbfounded as to how to answer. I teach English here, but I am here because I want to live here. I want to serve the church here. I want this neighborhood, Bellas Artes, to know Jesus. So I serve the church here. One of the ways God has me serving is in discipling some of the girls in my church. I have 3 girls that I meet with individually for a few hours each week for discipleship. It is such a blessing to meet with them, preach Jesus to them, and walk with them through the mess that we call our relationship with the Lord. One of the big topics among all the girls is idolatry. I've talked enough about this topic on this blog that I shouldnt need to say that I am not referring to little golden idols, but to our hearts' unrelentless search for satisfaction in things outside of Jesus. Really, it's pathetic. I've found myself asking the girls (and myself!) "how big is your Jesus?" Is He small so you can control Him (or so you think)? Is He small so you doubt that He can truly satisfy you? Do other things seem to be bigger and more satisfying than Him? Or is He creator of the universe, your Lord, the One who knows and loves you and has purchased you with His blood? How powerful is your Jesus? How good is your Jesus? How big is your Jesus?

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