Tuesday, October 11, 2011

dogs and prostitutes

So as many of you know, I live in a somewhat sketchy building. Its 11 floors, with about 6-8 apartments on each floor. There are a couple offices on the lower floors, a gyno office on floor 2 and the bottom is a peruvian restaurant. Half of the apartments are empty and the majority of the occupied ones are used by prostitutes. They dont actually live here, they just work here. I've noticed that "business" hours tend to be 5-11pm. There are some downsides to living in this building. Sometimes the men arent sure where to go to find a prostitute so they just wander the halls and knock on doors until they find one. So I just dont answer my door if there is only one knock on it. Also, the elevator is really small. Like it only fits 3 people and that's with a lot of personal space invasion. Sometimes I get the awkward situation of riding up in the elevator with one of my neighbor girls and their client. awkward. Then there are the few guys who approach me outside my building (or at the elevator) to ask for my price... again, awkward. But really, for the most part, it doesnt bother me living here. That is, until I have to deal with the dogs. There are some stray dogs that live in my building, and the pee and poo they leave in the hall, sometimes right in front of my door, is just NOT COOL. The lady who lives on the floor above me is older, probably in her 70s and she has taken it upon her to adopt all the old stray dogs she finds. She currently has 6 or 7 dogs. dirty dirty dogs. They bark. They pee. They really smell. And again, small elevator. So when she uses the elevator, all her dogs filling the small space, the smell is overwhelming.
The point is, I've realized that I have MUCH MORE patience for the prostitutes than the dogs. Funny, eh.

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