Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chosing Joy

Like I mentioned in my last post, I've been wrestling with joy. I have all this theology in my head, but living it out, enjoying the fruit of it, is another thing. I am fighting to live out of the reality of who I am in Jesus. I've noticed with some of my friends, as we've gotten older the pressure of the world becomes both more stale and heavy. It's this constant voice that tells us that we don't have enough. Not enough money. Not enough security. Not enough love. It's the world of marketing at its best. We NEED more. So while the world around me tells me that I need something more, I am fighting to see my everything in Jesus. He is enough for me. He is. I am fighting to believe it. It's not always hard to live it. There are moments of grace when I see and feel His goodness in such a tangible way. There are moments when I realize how wonderful He is, how great His love is, how unbelievable it is that He has loved me despite my rebellious heart. Moments when the good news of the forgiveness of my sins and the restoration of my relationship with my creator is so sweet that it fills my heart with joy. Those moments are precious gifts from the Lord. So I will treasure them, and store them up in my heart for the times when I can't feel the reality that I know to be true.

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kimmen said...

Choosing joy sounds like great advice.
It reminds me of something I saw in Berlin, near where we stayed: "One life. Live it well."

you haven't posted in a month! Time to update!