Sunday, May 01, 2011

My Michelle and her Ernest

Today is the day! My dear friend Michelle and her beloved Ernest tie the knot. I met Michelle at Westminster, in fact we met on the first day and it didn't take us long to realize we were gonna be lifers. Over the course of our friendship, now almost 4 years, we have seen each other through soooo much. Especially in terms of relationships. Both of us have had our heart broken, have loved foolish men who didn't know how to treat a daughter of the King, and have longed for a man who would love us for who we were. Michelle met Ernest through our friend Julie. Because Ernest lived in D.C and Michelle in Philly, they didn't actually meet face to face until they had already talked quite a bit through email and phone. They spent their first day together in New York (which in my opinion is just a magical place!) and from there decided to pursue the relationship even though the distance would be challenging.

Then, last year, Michelle moved to Chicago where Ernest had been relocated. It's been a steady road for them and I have been sooo blessed to be their biggest cheerleader along the way. Michelle is one of those women who have too much passion for her own good. She dreams big and fights hard. As she enters into marriage with Ernest, I am praying with great expectation that the Lord is going to use their marriage for great and wonderful things. Michelle and Ernest- have a wonderful wedding, full of joy, and expect a visit from me soon!

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