Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 Reasons I love living in "downtown"

10. the noise
9. the constant movement
8. awesome access to public transit
7. better shopping opportunites
6. working close to where you live
5. having neighbors from all over the world
4. having the police close by pretty consistently (although, its sucks needing the police to be close by consistently
3. sitting at my windowsill and watching my neighborhood in action
2. you can't avoid the reality of life (the homeless, prostitutes, general breakdown of society)
1. God loves the city!!!

One reason I DON'T like the city:
having to deal with my completely rational fear of pigeons!!!

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Danielle said...

I loved living by the carabineros in the departamento you found us on Miguel Claro. After I got over my fear that they would "find me out" and deport me, I felt so safe.