Friday, February 04, 2011

27 going on 14

Some of you may know, that for all the maturity in my life, I have some definite moments of little girl-ness. Take my taste in music. I have some major teeny bopper music on my ipod. Also, in terms of tv, shows like One Tree Hill and Vampire Diaries are at the top of my list. And this week a new girliness has popped up. There is this cafe that I love and it was definitly part of my daydream while I was planning my return to Chile. So I have begun to come here quite a bit (I am in fact sitting at this very cafe as I write). In my multi-weekly visit to this cafe, I have become recognizable face to the waiters. I think they sense my gringaness and they haven't tried to really talk to me yet. Except one. Here is where I become a 14 year old girl. There is one waiter who I one of the most attractive guys I've ever seen. Just pure ol' eye candy. And to make matters worse, he is really nice and always smiles at me. One time, he tried to talk to me, asking me if I liked the lemonade that I was drinking. I fumbled over my words and stuttered something incoherent about liking the drink and then in pure embarrassment, I just looked down and let him walk away. I have a pretty good idea that he is gay (most of the waiters at this cafe are) but I still hold out hope. Hope that he's not. Hope that he will come back and try to talk to me again. Hope that I can rise above the girlishness and be the mature woman that I am. Ha, yeah right.

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Aviva said...

haha, sneak a picture next time!