Sunday, January 30, 2011

same, same, but different

It's 3:30am and I just got home. I went to a house party with some friends from the new church plant I've joined. I don't have much to share except some ramblings about how this experience here is quite different from my time here before. I am still mentally working through a lot of what I am experiencing here. It is much slower and sweeter than my life has been over the last while. Life here has more to do with "buena onda" (having a good time) and less to do with making a big deal out of all the little things that press around is.
One of the ways I experienced the difference tonight was in the culture I live in. Not the greater culture of Chile, but the subculture that I live in here. Before most of my friends lived with their parents and were still in full time studies. But now, the people I am hanging out with are older. In fact, I tend to be the youngest in our group. Which is a really nice change. I am moving into my own apartment on Tuesday, and I need to buy a lot before it's really ready to be home. First on the list: bed and fridge. But I'm so excited to have this apartment and to get to host stuff at my apartment. My church is just around the corner and my prayer is that God would use this apartment to bless people and to do His work in our neighborhood. And that I might be able to really love the church, to serve them, and to do life with them. Buena onda... buena onda.

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