Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mi pais

I don't start work for another week or so... so I walk. I walk all around my favorite parts of Santiago. I took the subway quite a bit away and then walked home from there. It was about 2 hours of walking, and I loved it. I love the architecture here. I love the buildings, and the streets, and of course, the castles. Yep. There actually aren't many, but there is one just a block away from my current apartment. It's called Santa Lucia and its a beautiful yellow castle with gardens all around it. It is quite possibly my favorite place in the world. Anyways, I'll share more later, but for now just a quick note to say, I like living here. I like living in Chile, in Santiago, in el centro. I like the life here. There are parts of it that I just am not there yet. Like the way they take long long vacations... but I'll get there. I'm determined to get there. Slowly but surely, this is mi pais.

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