Friday, September 03, 2010

let's go!

So a quick piece of good news... (btw- sorry for the ridiculously long posts recently. It's like binging and purging. I don't write for a week and then I get it all out in a long post!)
My boss decided to give us an extra day off for the upcoming Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). So that gives us a total 6 days off (including the weekend) so I'm gonna head on down to Thailand for a little vacation! Yep. Random you think? Well, out of every country in Asia, Thailand is one of the only ones I really want to see. I didn't have a huge desire to see Japan or China, but LOVED spending that time with my parents. So now, given the chance to do anything for those 6 days, Im heading down to southeast Asia. My brother is in Singapore and I'm hoping he can join me in Thailand for a few days (I think it's gonna happen!). Somehow this turned into the summer with random trips around Asia with various family members. Now I just need a trip with my sister.

So.. stay tuned... Sept 18-24 is gonna be heart of lippy, Thai-style!

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aviva said...

where are we going? i'm up for anything. but i have to be back for class on tuesday.