Tuesday, March 09, 2010

White day

Boy am I glad that I have already worked through my "single issues. Well, at least my Valentines issues. You see, there is a tendency for your single women in the states to react against the horrible day by throwing "singles awareness" parties or defensively calling each other their valentine. Don't get me wrong, I love showing my affection for my girlfriends with flowers (just ask Ashlee about trying to explain to our church in Santiago why she had flowers from me). But a few years ago I realized that if Im bitter at Valentines Day, its MY problem, not hallmarks. Sure, our society doesn't make it easy, but I dont need to lament my singleness. No, I am not cursed. I have to trust that if I am single, it must be a blessing for me today. Anyways, all this means that the last few Valentines Days have been much easier, almost even enjoyable. I can actually rejoice for my friends who do have relationships without feeling bitterness and jealousy.

So you may be wondering why I might bring this up in the second week of March... wasn't Valentines Day last month? Well, once again, Korea likes to do things differently. Here in Korea, there are three, count them, THREE holidays that surround romantic love (or the lack thereof).

The first is February 14th- Valentines Day.
Then on March 14th- White Day
And finally on April 14th- Black Day

Each day has its purpose. Valentines day is when girls their guys chocolate. Guys are not required to give anything...
until White Day. This is when the guys get to be the givers. They are supposed to give their girls chocolate on this day.
Finally, on Black day, for those who have no loved one, who didn't get or give chocolate, whose hear therefore is "black", they must eat jajangmyung (black noodles).

Needless to say, this all seems ridiculous to me. Still, I wouldnt mind getting chocolate on White Day.... and really, if it doesn't happen, the black noodles are kinda tasty...
(Pictured above: two of my girls who wrote out their predictions of who was who for White Day dates in our school. They paired up a few of us girl teachers with guys.... sadly not a SINGLE one true! As I watched the girls scramble to write out their lists, I couldn't help but think of guys when they are doing their sports teams things.. listing teams.. you know, whatever they do around basketball.... )

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