Sunday, March 07, 2010

Walking with pee

As my faithful readers may have noticed, I haven't really been blogging much. What few blogs I have posted recently have been focused on my students. The truth is, most of my life revolves around my job and my students (which is clearly reflected in this blog) and the parts that are unrelated to my job have been not really appropriate to blog about. I have seen a radical change in my life over the last month. Nothing in this culture has changed, nothing in my job has changed. I still dont really enjoy either of those nearly as much as I would hope. But I have found a community in which I experience so much joy that my frustration with other parts of my life are faded into the background. I have laughed more in these last few days than ever in Korea. My small group (bible study) is filled with a bunch of awesome guys and one other girl. Kelly, my lone girlfriend in the group, is super chill and somehow our group really gels well.
As I posted earlier, my friend Ben came to Korea to teach at a sister school of mine. It's good to have an old friend here and I am really confident that God is doing awesome things in his life. He has fit right into Covenant too. I'm sure as time moves on, this blog will see many more posts concerning Covenant Church.
So you may be wondering about the post title. Well, the last few months I have been doing some research and seeing some doctors, just trying to figure some things out about my body. So one of the tests that the doctor is doing involves me collecting my pee for 24 days. Now, I realize that for you in America this might be TMI (too much information) but here in Korea and in many other parts of the world, there are different views on one's right to privacy. So the doctor gave me a bag to put my pee in for 24 hours day (which meant that I was bound to my apartment all day). One of my friends who has lived here for a few years said he was surprised that the process wasn't more invasive. These kinds of things are usually much more ridiculous here. So tomorrow I am bringing my pee to the hospital... in a huge 3 liter bag (and no, I didn't fill up the whole thing!). I realize that this means I will be walking, taking a subway, and walking some more to bring this pee to the hospital. I have a black bag all ready to carry the contents over, but still, it's weird. Then again, it's only weird to me. No one else will know. Unless they read this blog, in which case...
Peace out!

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kimmen said...

the end of your blog raised an image -- what happens if the bag breaks or spills? Then the Muslim greeting "Peace be upon you" might have relevance. Good luck on your trek!