Saturday, March 20, 2010

pais de mi corazon

Recently Ive been missing Chile. I think I've missed it since the day I left, but sometimes I miss it more than others. These past few weeks have been filled with longing for Chile. I miss so many things about the country, and I know that if I return it wont be the same (mainly because I wont have my girls with me!), but I still long to return. Its been three years since I left and I still feel very connected to the country. I've found myself talking more in Spanish these days. I have even begun to read my Spanish bible and try to memorize verses in Spanish. I dont know if I will ever be able to live again in a Spanish speaking country, but I hope so. I still dream of returning to Chile. People have asked me about visiting. No. I dont want to visit. I know that if I go back, Im moving for good. If I try to go for just a visit I will end up breaking my heart when it is time to leave. So I just wait and trust that God's goodness reaches far and wide. I'm starting to think about what will come after my contract with SEA, and while returning to Chile is a bit far fetched (I am still in debt from my loans for seminary) I know that God is good and He has never failed to lead me in my steps.


Danielle said...

I need to visit soon. Been missing it BIG TIME as well. If you move there I will visit FOR SURE. Saving up my vacation time at work...I would need at least 3 weeks to make the trip worth it...and I probably wouldn't even leave Providencia/Las Condes/El Centro!! Jajaja

Anonymous said...

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