Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Kids say the darnest things

I want to start a new weekly, or biweekly posting where I will share with you some of the fun (or just plain strange) things my kids say in class. Everyday in the teachers lounge we share the funny things the kids put on their tests or homeworks. Sometimes what they say is so blatantly wrong that it's just funny.

(I want a cool name for this kind of post. So CONTEST time!!! THink of a cool name for these posts. Like "silly sayings" or "wrong readings". Send them my way and I'll use the coolest one.)

To give you an example of what my kids say:
On the vocab tests, the kids have to write the words and a sentence using the vocab word. Now these are smart kids, so when they don't know the definition of a word, they often try to make up a sentence that is vague enough that it just might work. One of the most popular ones is: "I like ________." Um, yeah, sure but that does NOT tell me that you know what it means.
This was (hopefully) the case today when one of my students wrote a sentence for the vocab word "breed". Yeah, not my favorite vocab word, but it's in the curriculum so I teach it. Sadly, this kid didn't seem to study because his sentence was:
I breed with my mom.
NOT really an acceptable answer and I didn't feel like explaining to the 10 year old boy why.

Here is another fun example of things my kids write and how much they make me smile (when I'm not yelling at them!)
For Halloween I had all the kids do a madlib. It was pretty basic and a lot of kids weren't very creative, but some kids were really funny. They had to pick two Halloween characters in the madlib, so Frankenstein and Vampires were popular. So were witches and mummies. But then again there were those kids that wrote "becka" down. Darn kids. Here are two of my favorite madlibs:

It was a black and foggy night. A tall superman knocked on the door of the old house. A batman opened the door and died. The superman went inside the house. His crazy face was never seen again.


It was a pink and foggy night. A pretty princess knocked on the door of the old house. A fairy opened the door and sang. The princess went inside the house. Her tall face was never seen again.

Which one do you think was written by a girl and which one by a boy? Yeah, you probably guessed right.

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