Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good times in Hongdae

Like I said, HongDae is the area where the university is. It's totally a sweet hangout for young Koreans. It was SOOO cold (well below freezing) on Saturday but Nicky and I walked around the area trying to stay warm. We stumbled upon this park that has live performances. Really cool. I took a quick video so you can see a little of the madness that goes on here.

So this first group was really popular. The lead singer had a mad wig on that looked like an Afro... who knows where that came from.

And this second group was just a few meters away trying to compete with the sound of the big group. It was a few high schools rapping. Cute kids, not really that much talent though.

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Anonymous said...


i like it. my 29yo korean bf will tell you the answers, maybe. haha i like zee music.

today i helped elizabeth pick good tracts to hit people with in grand central

<3 Tuchoat