Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some of the MUNCHKINS I teach

It is Halloween this weekend so the kids are coming to school ready to have fun (which loosely translates as ready to eat candy!) I took the opportunity to capture some of the sweetness I get to be with all day, every day.

My oldest class. These girls are at the age where school is almost uncool. Evidently dressing up isn't uncool yet. Check out the glasses on Eesun (the second on the right).

Here is the damage done to my board by my students when I'm gone for my dinner break. I always come back to the class for a board full of goodies.

Alex and Harry- two of my favorites. I melt when Alex smiles at me, which he totally uses to his advantage!

One of my more advanced classes. These three girls are WAY too much fun, and such good students! Of course, all three came dressed as witches. Sweet kids!

These two girls are stuck in a class of four rowdy boys who smell and throw stuff at each other. But the girls just sit in their corner and draw hearts all over their pages. Here they are showing off the test I gave them where they drew (very well) the water cycle. They had color and everything. I adore these girls!

Here is one of my youngest classes. The girl on the far right is named Ella and she is a DOLL! I keep singing the Rhianna song "ella ella hey hey!" whenever I say her name. She's one of the ones I would adopt in a moment! The one with the wolf face is Sunny. She's a total crack up, totally quiet and shy but she loves to wear that dog face hat. Ahh... kids....

Here is Scott and Eric. Scott is so cute with his little glasses and bowl haircut. Totally a nerd. And Eric is the class clown and the leader in the class. Good thing he loves me and is always trying to sit next to me (in the seat I reserve for the bad students, which makes me laugh)

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