Sunday, October 11, 2009

Smiling today

Good news!
As I speculated in my previous post, my time hanging out with my friends here wasn't that bad. In fact, it was almost... wait for it... good! I ended up having Sunyoung and Nicky come over after church and we were joined by my neighbor Gavin, who is from Atlanta. I was a little nervous about the whole affair on multiple levels. WOuld I be ok with so many people around me for so long? Would my guests who had never met each other, like each other? Would I have enough food to feed all four of us? I only have two bowls so how would all four of us eat anyways? It all turned out okay though. Nicky had to leave early so I only had to feed three people. Sunyoung and Gavin had bowls and I ate out of a tupperware dish. And everyone seemed to get along. After eating my rockin' speghetti, we headed out for coffee (Gavin's treat). Four hours later, we fianlly split up. It was good though. I like all of them. Sunyoung is ever sweet and encouraging and we love teaching each other our language. Nicky is a sister at heart, she and I laugh about boys and hearts, and being heart broken all the time. And Gavin, well I think Gavin is my favorite foreigner here. It might be his slightly cynical outlook on life. It makes me feel comfortable. Anyways, thanks for your well-wishes and prayers. I am smiling today.

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kimmen said...

nigel and i are very glad that you're feeling a little better. -mom