Saturday, September 19, 2009


Note: I have been writing out some posts on my netbook which I will upload after the fact. So these are a little overdue and out of order, but in any case...

Dear Friends,
I am writing from the airport terminal where I wait to board a plane headed for Korea. I have planned, prepared and packed for this moment and I have to admit: I am ready. People have asked me these last few days if I am nervous or anxious, and all I can tell them is that I am ready. I can look back and see how good the Lord’s timing is (what a thought!). Although I am impatient, I have truly enjoyed these last two months at home with my parents. My dad and I have had a chance to live together, something we haven’t done in 8 years. And the two weeks I spent living with my mom and Nigel were relaxing and restorative. I’ve had a few chances to hang with my brother, my sister, and her boyfriend. And who knows how many years will pass before I get the chance to spend this much time with them again. My heart is slowly healing and I am now in a place where I can look back and see most of the valley behind me. This time in the valley, although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, has been a huge blessing to me. I have clung to the Lord’s hand over the past three months and I have seen Him remain faithful to me. There wasn’t a moment in this season when I couldn’t honestly say “the Lord is good to me”. Let me tell you now, the Lord is good. That has been my battlecry over the past few years and as I sit here in the airport and prepare myself for the next amazing season, I say it again with confidence. God was good. He is good. And He will be good. Please pray for me in this next leg of adventure. In particular please pray for fellowship for me. I will be looking for a church in Seoul, please pray for a good community where I can find fellowship. Thanks friends and God bless!

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