Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pure exhaustion

This week has been exhausting. My time with my family ended Sunday night and I took a very long bus ride up to New York.
I took Monday to finish packing and cleaning
and Tuesday I drove my things down to Philly.
Wednesday, I drove back up to New York to return the van. Spent the night.
Got up early this morning to see my bible study girls one more time.
I got on a bus headed for Philly and took a glorious nap. It was only an hour of sleep, but it was lovely.
I feel absolutely exhausted.

Jason is supposed to come home this Saturday. (He's been in Utah with his family) I can't wait to see him, especially since its been about a month since we last saw each other. Too long, I tell you, too long. Last week was a little rough for me, I think I hit a wall of insecurity. I needed to see him, for him to hold my hand, to just be here. The Lord has been good though. I have seen His faithfulness even in this trying time. He has taken my heart and given it such a calm peace.

I realized yesterday that when I pick up Jason at the train station, late Saturday night, our happy reunion might be overshadowed by sheer exhaustion. Jason will be tired for a thousand and one reasons, and I won't be far behind him. So I think Saturday night will probably be less than I would have hoped for. But I was talking to one of my dear married friends the other night, and she said she was glad. This is real life. Being tired. Dealing with issues in our lives that stress us, that frustrate us, that scare us. This is real life. Life together won't be easy and if our courtship didn't include weeks (or months) like this, we won't get to see the reality that will be our lives together.

So after all that, I leave you with this. I'm so looking forward to seeing that blond haired blue eyed boy of mine. Even if we're tired.


Alison said...

you're a cutie!! CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!

Alison said...

BTW - I owe you some treats for your belated birthday .. SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX

beckalippy said...

Yay!!! I will see you so soon!