Monday, June 29, 2009

Movies in the Park

Tonight was a bit of a magical night. Let me take advantage of my good mood today, and share with you a little of the magic...

The air was warm and inviting. It wasn't too humid, but enough to feel it wrap its warm arms around my body as I walked through the streets. I popped in my ipod and picked out a good song. New York is a great place to walk with a soundtrack. I breathed in deeply enjoying the ever changing scents that flooded the streets. Indian food, hot dogs, flowers. Each step brought a new scent, and most of them were welcome.
I headed over to Bryant Park where a few hundred people gathered on the lawn in front of a big projector. Some of my friends had gone over early to save seats right in the center of the field. I sat down on the wet grass , tucking the otherwise unnecessary sweatshirt under my legs. After a few minutes of catching up, giggling, playing around with a camera, a loud voice came over the sound system. 10 minutes till the film would start. Excitement filled the air. The sun was setting quickly and as soon as the sky was dark enough, the featured film would start. I looked around and saw groups of girlfriends laughing, couples lying on blankets caressing each other, and lots and lots of young and old people, anxiously awaiting the night's entertainment. Finally, a white square appeared on the projector screen. The film was starting. Everyone applauding and I found myself being swept up in the moment. This is what Manhattan is. There in that park, rich and poor, young and old, ugly and beautiful were all gathered to experience the same Manhattan. There was no cover charge, no 21 and over. It was just a warm night in the city. And it was magical.

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Jenny said...

what was the movie you saw? They do that at a park in SF too. I never got over there to see one though. I'm glad you had a good time. :)