Thursday, April 09, 2009


The girls
with their Matzoh and bitter herbs Reading part of the Hagaddah

My roommate Rebekah and I (and yes, sometimes its confusing having two girls with the same name in one apartment!)

One of the girls jumped in and joined us for the photo fun.... and Rebekah didn't make it into the whole photo, oh well!

So this was the first year in many that I actually celebrated Passover with a Jewish family. Josh (my boss) and Annette Sofer had a few of us over to celebrate the fun feast. It was great, a little tradition thrown in with a little not so traditional... awesome. It made me look forward to the day when I hopefully will host seders for my own family. Who knows, I may turn out to be the next June Cleaver, or at least, the Jewish Christian version of her... :)

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Alison said...

Becka - you may "turn out" to be the Jewish Christian June Cleaver?? Who are you kidding, you ARE the Jewish Christian June Cleaver !!! AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT!! Now, pour me some lemonade, June :)