Monday, April 06, 2009


So this week has begun with some heaviness on my heart. It's a heaviness though that is good because it is teaching me SO much about my heart, my mind, and the insanity that exists between the two. Anyways, this will be a week of meditation on the Lord's promise to guide us, to teach us to worship Him in holiness and to pursue His glory.
The next few months will be filled with decisions to be made, in every sphere of life. If you wanna know how to keep me in prayer, please pray for wisdom.

A little something from a Puritan Prayer:

Let thy Spirit help my infirmities,
for I know not what to pray for as I ought.
Let him produce in me wise desires by which I may ask right things,
then I shall know thou hearest me.
May I never be importunate for temporal blessings, but always refer them to thy Fatherly goodness, for thou knowest what I need before I ask.


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