Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursdays thoughts

What a time of change in my life. I can almost feel the thoughts running through my mind and I know some of the thoughts will become dreams, which will become plans, which will turn into actions, and before I know it, these thoughts will turn into my life. Not all of my thoughts will take this course, but I know each thought has that possibility.
Some reflections for a Thursday morning:

I love this city. The same way you can judge extroverts and introverts by where they gain energy (people or solitude), I think you can judge people based on whether they get energy from the city or the country. I am a city girl through and through. I love the city, the business, the sounds, the people, the diversity, the architecture, the food, the rhythm. Don't get me wrong, I love the park too, but my favorite part of the park is along the outskirts, where you have trees around you but you can see the buildings shooting up from behind the trees, an ever reminder of the city that lies just yards away.

I am blessed. Truly, truly blessed. I have started going to the Village Church in the west village. And this morning I joined a group of women from the church for an early morning bible study. And these women, girls really, remind me of my dearest friends who would join me at Dunkin Donuts each week. There is something so beautiful about sisters coming together and sharing their relationships with the heavenly Father. And these women this morning were so honest about their struggles, their relationships, and their awe of the love of Jesus. Nothing can replace what I have with Ashlee, Danielle, Rachel, and all the other sisters who have been by my side for so many years, but hanging out with these girls this morning was a reminder of the Lord's provision of all things.

Someone recently, after hearing me share about my dreams, said that I might be called to singleness. At first I was hurt. I want to be a wife, a mom. But last night as I was lying in bed, I got this idea in my head to open up a center in Santiago where gringos could come, learn Spanish, work in the community, and get accustomed to the culture. We could even do training for ESL and then help them get jobs, and maybe help them find some kind of more permanent housing. I was thinking about all this, and still thinking about it all today, and I realized that there are so many things I want to do. Really, off hand I could list 10 different lives I would love to live. And with so much that I'd love to experience, maybe marriage isn't for me. Maybe I am called to singleness. Well, I'm not deciding anything today (as if I could!). I know that if the Lord brings a guy into my life, I will happily go down that road. But until that time comes (if it does at all), I am so excited to be single, to be full of ideas, and to see life as full of potential.

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I miss you.