Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So the new year. This past year was filled with so much growth and more than ever, I look back and can recognize work the Lord has done over this past year. This is particularly true with my heart. I am more content in my singleness than ever, and yet feel like relationship could be just around the corner. I have been a little confused these past few days. Hopefully the guy I am referring to in this blog doesn't ever read it, but in any case I'd like to give a little insight to the madness and confusion that is my heart. So I've gotten to know a few of the guys here at school and there is some awesome genuineness among them. So one of them and I have talked a bit outside of class and decided to go to lunch. Well, our lunch date turned into a dinner date, which ended up feeling more like an actual "date" than just a hanging out time. It wasn't a date. But it threw my heart into a state of confusion. And I'm moving to New York in a few days, so really nothing can happen. But I find myself confused, alone, and scared. But pretty. (That's for you, Ashlee). I am confident of this though: I have grown a lot this last year, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And whatever happens, it will be different than anything I have experienced in the past. Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe the whole world will happen. Like I said, confusion.

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