Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A recap on end of the year goodness

My hot date, second year in a row

The hostesses enjoying the champagne, even though one of them is on call with the hospital

Jello shots!

Me and the Pennypacker dancing it up!

First blog for the new year. Before I write on the topic for the morning (my confused and twisted heart), I wanted to mention that this past Christmas was the best Christmas ever. I arrived in California on the 21st and spent a few days with my friend Sarah, cleaning her apartment so she could move out and enjoying each others company. I got to see Leah, Melinda, Katie, Carleigh and Chubs. I didn't expect to get to see so many friends in those short two days, so it was a super blessing. Then I went to my mom's house and had an awesome Christmas Eve. We're Swedish, so we do the whole candle lighting tradition. I got to meet my sister's boyfriend who won my approval almost immediately and had some cool conversations with my brother about God and religion. Then, Christmas day I headed back into the city to volunteer with my dad. We helped a ministry that serves the homeless with their Christmas celebration. After a few days hanging out with my dad, and a morning with Chubs and her family, I headed down to San Luis Obispo to see AShlee and Danielle. Man oh man, there is nothing like good friends. After all that fun, I headed back to my mom's to chill for a while before I came back to Philly. It was the most amazing, relaxing, and yet fun-filled week ever. When I got back to Philly, my sweet little Lizzy was waiting for me at the airport. She is one of my favorites! So after a rocking New Years Eve party, we spent a few days doing touristy stuff around Philly, and just enjoying each others company. She left Monday and classes started yesterday. It was a great holiday. Great. And now I face this exciting time of change as I finish up my time at Westminster and move to New York. What a gift from the Lord to enter this time feeling refreshed and rested.

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Danielle said...

Hopefully 2009 will bring you a visitor to your new place in NYC...all the way from CA! I'm looking at tickets :)