Friday, January 16, 2009

A despedida.... for Charlie

Here are some of the photos from my goodbye party last Saturday night. It was such a sweet time of hanging out with all the random people who were my life in Philly. I made people take pictures with Charlie, my beloved hippo. Extra brownie points to whoever can tell me who Charlie is named after.

Joel, or "ho-el"

Laura Andrews, all smiles

Grahame liked me scarf, a little too much

Katie practicing her mothering skills

Mellis showing Charlie some cheese

Michelle and Brooke

Stephen Lu, abusing Charlie of course!

Seth and Nate, and Charlie nudging Seth, he is a cuddler
Steve Light doesn't mind the cuddling

Laura says, "you're pretty cute!"

Bobby is sad to see Charlie go, or wait, is it ME he's sad to see leave?

Chris Martin chillin'

Me and girls

Eric cuddling with Charlie

So this could be awkward, but somehow not much could be awkward between Chris and I.

Laura and the Pennypacker

Lexie and Jason

Kmack and Megan... my girls!



leah said...

my guess is charles haddon spurgeon is the namesake of charlie :)

beckalippy said...

you're right! brownie points for you. and even more brownie points because YOU are the one who bought me the Spurgeon Sermons collection!