Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Apple Livin'

So I've finally done it. I've moved to New York. I remember dreaming of living in New York when I was in college. I imagined the coffee shops I would go to, the street fairs I would shop at, and the parks I would read in. And now I am here. I moved up here yesterday and am almost done unpacking. I walked up to Redeemer Church offices today, near Herald Square and turned in my resume for a job. Actually, it's my dream job and I am shocked by my calm concerning this job. The Lord has given me faith to see that if I get it, it was His work. If I don't get it, it was His work. As I walked back to my apartment, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the walk along 36th, down Madison, further along 34th. The buildings rise up around you, tucking you in, each unique and telling a story. And finally I made it back to my apartment, checked my email, and crawled into bed for a midafternoon nap. Hard life, I know. But in all honesty, either it hasn't hit me that I live here, or for whatever reason, I feel really at home here in New York. Goodness, I am grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness!


leah said...

I definitely see you at home in New York. Enjoy your time there, however short or long, it is a wonderful city! If you ever need a fancy place to go for dinner, try Mas (Farmhouse) and get the prix fixe menu. Amazing!

Danielle said...

Good luck with that job!