Tuesday, December 16, 2008

back to normalcy, or something like it

As of yesterday at 5pm EST, my finals are over and life can resume to some level of normalcy. I have to admit that I have been a little flabergasted today. What do I do without intense levels of stress pushing me forward.
Well, believe it or not, this week will still be busy. I have some appointments tomorrow, a few hours of work on Thursday and then 12 hours of work both Friday and Saturday.
Im exhausted- physically, mentally, emotionally. And honestly, spiritually. I think it's about time for a short sabbatical.
This semester has been one long growth spurt, especially for my heart. I think last year was a year of nourishment leading into the growing pains of a growth spurt these last few months. I have cried and felt so much peace, all at the same time. And now I am walking into these next few months, no idea where the Lord is taking me, and I am grateful for the peace.

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