Monday, October 13, 2008

ramblings that could have been posts

A few blog posts I wish I had time to write (and maybe will find the time in the future):
Obama as a demi- god and my fear that we are setting him up for failure in the way we place all our hopes in him.
Reading Mother Theresa and pondering the anthropological theology she presents in her writings.
My heart is in a new place and I wonder how much of letting some old dreams die has to do with the moving on.
Learning a lot about discipleship and the Lord is walking with me in discovering what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ.
Loving my Missions Anthropology class and even though it requires an insane amount of work, it is everything I thought my program in Urban Missions would be.
Hablo Espanol todos los dias ahora que vivo con una familia Peruana... y me encanta.
I have been feeling so loved and so blessed this past week.
The Lord has shown me again and again this week how weak my faith is, how easily I am rocked by the waves of this life. And yet, He remains faithful!!

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