Saturday, August 02, 2008

back to the good ol' times and moving onto Iowa

So last week was rough to say the least, but I can feel my life moving forward. It's almost as if summer is dragging my heart through the horrible humidity and toward the fall where the cool breeze will calm me down. Something like that.

Anyways, life is moving on. I'm not doing much and yet my days are over too quickly and I find myself scrambling for time to do the things I have to do. I know that things will be easier once school starts and I have a full schedule each day. There is something satisfying about falling into bed after a full day of activities. I know life isn't about getting things accomplished, but it feels good to look back and know that the day was used well.

All of that said, August will be much busier than July. For starters, I will be going to Iowa for a week. My church is sending a group of 10 of us to Iowa to help with the relief work going on there. We will be going from the 9th to the 15th and we'll be tearing down the moldy walls in the homes that have been submerged in water for the last month. Please pray for us as we prepare to go out there. Please pray for my health (especially my asthma)- that the Lord would keep me healthy and safe before and during the trip. It will be a blessing to serve.

Like I said, the summer is moving on, and so am I.


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