Tuesday, March 25, 2008

That they may be one

Today there is a student demonstration, publicly supporting the faculty vote of 12-8 that Enns' book Inspiration and Incarnation is not outside the bounds of the Westminster COnfession. The situation is complicated and I don't have much information, but I know this, there is SO much tension on campus today leading up to tomorrow's board meeting on the issue. While there are differing opinions as to who is right and who is wrong, I know that the Lord desires peace and unity among His followers. THis is not to say that some form of discussion cannot be had on correct doctrine, but that our love for each other must dictate the way in which we move forward in that discussion.
Please, Westminster faculty, students, alumni, and board members, please continue to approach each other in love. Please come humbly to this issue remembering that none of us can fully grasp the truth in all its depth. I am praying that those who are in a position of authority here may act in wisdom and love. For His glory, Rebecca.

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