Friday, March 21, 2008

Playing catch up

So this blog is going to be a bit scattered. In fact it might be more of a "vomit" blog. Life has been too busy recently and I have so many thoughts I'd like to put on here, so here goes:

I spent the week in NY. I LOVE New York. I feel so at home there. Actually I was surprised when I came back to Philly to find that my home didn't feel quite as much like "home".

I was so disciplined this week. I spent a good 12 hours each day working on my school work. I finished 20 of 25 pages of a paper on Messianic Judaism and worked out a large part of the discipleship curriculum I am trying to finish.

I've been thinking about whether pagan rituals can be redeemed by the Gospel...

I am getting more and more excited about my upcoming trip to Europe. I am going to backpack through Portugal and Italy with Danielle for two weeks. Then I'll be with my family in Amsterdam for a week and finally I'll hook back up with Danielle in Belfast to visit Sam for a few days and then finish off the trip with some days in London. I am really really excited to do this trip. It will be really good.

And that leads me to thinking about backpacking. I used my backpack this week to carry all the school books I needed for my papers up to NY. It was heavy but it felt good to be living out of my backpack again. I miss those days.

It's Danielle's birthday today. YAY! Happy Birthday amiga!

I got to use what I had learned in my Biblical Theology class at Bible Study last night. The class is basically on the book of Hebrews and each week I fall more and more in love with the book. It is amazing!


luskwater said...

What are your thoughts on pagan rituals, and how did you come by the idea? I ask the same question myself, looking at India and Africa.

Danielle said...

I'm excited about the trip too. It will be so fun. By then you will be 25 too so we can be old backpacking fools together :)

Love, Dani