Saturday, March 22, 2008


So I finally got my grades from Fall semester back and since none of you can come see them hanging on my fridge door, I am going to share them here. (Note: I know this showing off of my grades may be a sign of my pride in my own work, but I truly believe that the Lord gave me the stregnth to do well last semester and it was a ton of hard work, so here goes!)

Biblical Theology I: A-
Doctrine of the Church: A
Dynamics of Biblical Change: B
Mission to the City: B+
Urban Mission Seminar: A
Survey of Reformed Theology: A

Sweet, eh? I cannot tell you how encouraging it was to get these grades in the mail after last weeks midterms. The Lord is good, He is good indeed!!!


Danielle said...

Congrats! Good job! Those are really good, especially considering what a heavy workload that was with all those classes. It's so crazy you're a student again. I need to get to grad school before I forget how to study and all that stuff.

Carleigh said...

ooooh becka Im so proud! great job my little smartie! I totally knew you would be rocking school so Im not even the slighest bit suprised about this. keep up the hard work. i know you learn in order to share your knowledge with others and spark insightful conversation and meditation in yourself and others. i cant wait to have one of our fun talks on some of your new topics. love you!

ali said...

Mazel Tov!!!!! I always knew you were a smartie - keep up the good work!!! xoxoxoxoxo


beckalippy said...

I love all you girls! You make my world!