Monday, December 17, 2007


I am not an east coast girl. I have no clue how to deal with snow. Real snow, the kind that fall from the sky and makes your life so much more conplicated. And the thing is, I was not really thinking all this through when I signed up for this east coast seminary thing. So now I am just waiting in dread for the white mess to begin. I know it is not that big of a deal, and yet it is more stressful to me than anything else I have had to deal with here. I am just not mentally prepared for living here. I actually start to panic when I think about it. When I think about the fact that I am living out here on the east coast.
It's okay, I am going to learn to appreciate this whole "seasons" thing. We don't have them in California. I mean, sure it gets a little colder in December and in March it rains a little more than usual. And in the summer it warms up to 75 in wonderful San Francisco. But honestly, it is almost always a day when you wear at shirt and a sweatshirt. That way you can be ready for the "warm" and "cool" of the day.
I do love fall. I loved it in Santiago when all the trees on my street turned wonderful colors and the leaves would line the sidewalks, making a red and orange splashed walkway to my apartment complex. I loved the light wind that would brush my cheek as I walked along the bright streets. It is truly romantic. Someday I plan on walking those streets under the arm of my husband, enjoying the immense beauty of it all. I'll have to figure out a way to appreciate the winter the same way. Maybe I will make the snow a great excuse for staying in bed with a good book. That might work for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becka...surprise! I do go to your blog occasionally, and I do read it! I started doing this when you were in Chile, and since Ashlee NEVER wrote on hers, I found out about the "goings-on" by reading your blog. Now, I enjoy checking up on where you are and how you're doing. I grew up in central Illinois with some pretty harsh winters, and I chuckled as I read that you are actually fearful of, and unprepared for, the white stuff. You need to just deal with it day by day and get some 'long underwear' :) Hang in there! Merry Christmas Ashlee's Mom

Anonymous said...

Okay, I really thought I experienced winter down there in Chile. I mean, it was COLD! But I guess you're gonna get the real thing. We are such wussy CA girls. I love what you said about the shirt/sweater thing. So, so true.
Love, Danielle