Monday, December 17, 2007

bedtime driftings

So what does an absolute nerd think of before she goes to bed?
I have always read before going to sleep. When I was yougner the books were usually short novels. I liked ones based around the Holocaust where a young heroine fights for survival. I felt somehow close to them, I understood them. The other books I read were Loraine McDaniel books. All teenage love stories about cancer ridden girls. Sick, I know. But I loved those books and I would imagine that someday I would get cancer, go to the camp that all the cancer kids get to go to, and meet my prince charming. And we would battle our cancer together.
Anyways, I have noticed a definte change in my reading material. I still read every night before I go to sleep, but now I read theology. I don't even mean Christian living, I mean actual academic theology. Like last night I was reading on Radical Orthodoxy and it's interactions with Reformed THeology. And as I turned off the light to go to sleep, the thoughts in my head were way too nerdy. They actually made me laugh out loud. I thought about Calvin and his thoughts on the eucharist and whetheror not our tradition today follows his ideas. I thought about the fact that church involvement has been on the decline for the last 40 years and yet we find megachurches drawing thousands of people. That led to me thinking about the comment that the author of the radical orthodoxy book had written about baby boomers going back to church later in life. He commented that they were choosing their churches not based upon the denominations they had grown up in, but upon the services offered by the church. Interesting. And then I thought about the generational divide in churches with some congregations filled with over 60's and others whose oldest member is 35. How can a church attract both older and younger generations? And is it the churches' responsibility to attract anyone?
The point is: these are actually the thoughts that run through my head as I lie in bed at night. Ugh. I guess the nerdiness of my life is at an all time high.


heraldsandperegrines said...

I've missed sleep pondering theology. So I'm with you there. Also I find this thought: "is it the churches' responsibility to attract anyone?" very interesting. More and more I think the simple answer is "no", although I do think church should culturally make "sense" to those around it.

As for "fighting our cancer together"... a weee bit disturbing, Becka. :P

beckalippy said...

LOL, thanks Sam. You're always so encouraging.