Monday, October 08, 2007

Biblical Theology- gotta love it

I quit my job. I didn't even really get through the training period. But I had realized that the job was killing my school life. That I was spending all my energy on the job and was left with very little to give to my school work. So I quit last weekend and spent last week on campus. What a treat. My gosh, it was so cool to walk around campus and sit in the library. To talk to people who are studying the same things I am. To sit in on a class that I am not registered for, just to learn. To read the great books that have been sitting in my bookshelf for weeks begging to be read. And it was this last week and that I realized once again just how much I am such a nerd.
One of the things I am most nerdy about is Biblical Theology. It is a way of approaching the Bible that views the Bible as a historical redemptive narrative of God and His people. I spent most the weekend working on some papers dealing with this approach. It was heaven. The point of Biblical theology is to lead you directly to Jesus, no matter how obscure the Old Testament passage. Lovely, just lovely. If you get a chance, check out

Another thought that I feel the need to share: Studying theology is great. But I have been wisely warned to be careful with my devotional life. When studying the Word of God is your job, how do you be sure that God remains your heart and not just the object of your mind. I have found in these last few weeks that my relationship with the Lord has changed. I find Him so intriguing. I find Him challenging me everyday to draw close to Him. And I have to confess that He has shown me some not so pretty things about my heart and life. You see, recently He has shown me that although I enjoy the benefits of Him as my Savior, that I tend to deny Him the right to be Lord of my Life. That I don't let him dictate those intricate parts of my heart that I want to continue to control. I'm praying for the grace to submit myself completely to the Lord as my King, that He may reign in my life.

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